Why Your Engine May Be Overheating

An engine overheating can cause damage to the engine. Several things can cause an engine to overheat, and our technicians at Hixson Lincoln of Leesville can give you tips on what might be causing the vehicle to overheat. Here are some possible causes for engine overheating.

  •  Low Coolant Level – This is probably the biggest cause for engine overheating and is usually caused by a coolant leak, and happens most often during the hot summer months. Check the coolant level periodically.
  •  Thermostat, Pump, Hose and Fan Malfunctions – If any of these parts, which all make up the cooling system, begin to malfunction, it can cause the engine to overheat.
  •  Temperatures Extremely High or Low – The car’s cooling system keeps the engine running within certain temperature ranges. This may vary from car to car. If the temperatures begin to run extremely high or low, it can cause the engine to overheat.

Has your car been having performance issues? Is your engine light on? If you have some concerns about your engine or just want to ensure you don’t have problems, come to our shop in Leesville so our technicians can service your vehicle.


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