Tips for Making a Winter Survival Kit

When the winter weather hits, you run the risk of being stuck in your vehicle. Whether you've broken down or the weather has caused you to be stranded, there are some items that you should have in your vehicle to make survival easier. Check these items each year, and you should replace what is perishable or no longer useful.

Bottles of water will help you stay hydrated, and you should also bring along some snacks. Non-perishable food items include granola bars, power bars, and bagged snacks. A small bag of tools can also be useful if you're handy. You may be able to complete a minor repair on your own.

Road flares can make your vehicle visible to other drivers in a snow storm or other inclement weather event. Make sure you have a cell phone charger in your vehicle at all times. If your phone starts to die, you'll be cut off from all forms of communication.


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