What You Need to Know About Cabin and Engine Air Filters

Your local mechanic or dealership has just told you that you need your air filter replaced, but you're not sure what that really means. Many drivers aren't exactly aware of the function of their cabin and engine air filters. That is why we have decided to break it down for you.

Your air filter is an essential part of your car. This filter captures dust, pollen, mold, and other particles that you don't want to breathe when you are driving around. Not to mention, some of these toxins are also not very good for your car's engine, either.

When your vehicle gets other routine maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotations, you should also have them inspect your air filter. If your air filter needs replaced, it is highly recommended that you do so. If your car is currently in need of any regular maintenance, bring it down to Hixson Lincoln of Leesville any time.



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