Get Ready for the Back-to-School Season With Some Simple Car Care Tips

Are you getting ready for the chaos of back-to-school season, or are you getting ready to send an older child to college? No matter what the case may be, going back to school is the right time to make sure your car is ready for the year ahead. With these simple tips, the whole process becomes much easier.

Perform Basic Maintenance Tasks

Before heading back to class, be sure to get your tires rotated, get your oil changed, and perform other basic upkeep on your vehicle. Check your important fluids and top them off if required. If your wiper blades are looking a little worn, consider changing them before winter comes.

Check the Dashboard

Have you gotten used to seeing the "check engine" light? Don't disregard it; get it looked at as soon as possible. By catching the problem early on, you'll prevent expensive failures down the road.

The most important tip is to know your vehicle. By paying attention to your car and knowing where to find its safety equipment, you'll be better equipped for the year ahead. Call Hixson Lincoln of Leesville to get your car back-to-school ready.



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