Why Monitoring Tire Pressure is Important

Monitoring tire pressure and tread wear will not only add life to your tires and give you a safer ride but will also give you the best possible gas mileage. If your tires have worn tread or seem to be losing air, you may need tire maintenance or replacement. Stop at Hixson Lincoln of Leesville and let us take a look at your vehicle.

Tire pressure should be at the amount recommended in your owner’s manual or on the inside of the car door. Don’t go by what’s written on the tire. Tires that are overinflated can cause as much of a problem as underinflated tires. Driving with the poorly inflated tires will also cause your tires to wear out long before their time and possibly cause a blowout.

We offer a full selection of tires and supplies at our Lincoln dealership. Pay us a visit and let us inspect your tires.



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