A Picture is Worth Thousands of Dollars

Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video of a car accident can be worth thousands of dollars! Auto accidents are a fact of life for nearly anyone who drives, and it can often be very difficult to prove exactly who was at fault, even with witnesses to the accident. Being found guilty of causing the accident could open you up to thousands of dollars or more in financial damages.

An inexpensive dash cam can go a very long way toward helping prevent that from occurring. With video evidence of the accident at hand, you can easily prove exactly what occurred and who was at fault. There is no risk that a witness will remember things incorrectly or that the other driver can diminish their role of responsibility.

Safe yourself potentially thousands of dollars and a huge headache, install a dash cam right away. We can help you choose the cam that best fits your needs in our showroom at Hixson Lincoln of Leesville, so stop in at our auto service and repair shop right away.

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